About us

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our new group VisitAlbir.com. We hope you find the information on here useful and informative, we very much look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful seaside resort, Albir in the Costa Blanca.

VisitAlbir started life as a Facebook association group called We❤Albir, with the aim of promoting our town in a dynamic and positive manner. We grew from 1,000 members to now having almost 6,500 members, not bad for a town with a registered population of 10,000. We are an international and welcoming group, with more than 25 different nationalities including Norwegian, British, Spanish, Dutch and many others.

With support from Alfaz del Pi Town Hall and a number of amazing sponsors, we have raised funding to make this tourist web site. We feature lots of photographs, information on the beaches, the Sierra Helada natural park, the wonderful emblematic light house and the lovely walks that you can take.


We include genuine reviews on the best bars, restaurants and hotels and lots of suggestions of what you can do to make the most of the great activities and day trips which you can plan while you are here.


From this one web site, you can book hotels or an apartment, organise a private hire transfer from the airport, or book a day out at the renowned Mendoza vineyard.


Remember, that we are not a tourist information centre and so we cannot respond to your individual enquiries, but you can call the Town Hall tourist office in Albir directly on 966867022.


We hope you have a great time in Albir, feel free to post your photos, recommendations and questions on our Facebook blog We ❤ Albir!


Happy holidays!

Dino Trubbianelli